The “Art to Life” Initiative

Honors course flyer

”Art to Life” is a first-of-its-kind initiative to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer’s patients in rural Alabama through the expressive arts therapies. In partnership with the University of Alabama Honors College and Sewing Seeds of Hope, a non-profit foundation in Perry County Alabama, Cognitive Dynamics Foundation seeks to facilitate the creation and preservation of the life stories of Alzheimer’s patients living in Alabama’s impoverished “Black belt” region (named so because of the richness of the soil from the area). This region is steeped in history and is underserved medically, economically, culturally, etc. Through art therapy, music therapy and reminiscence, with sessions documented on film, it is hoped that the life stories of each patient can be teased out and preserved for posterity, as a family keepsake, and to be used as ongoing therapy for the patient. Furthermore, dementia education will be given to the families of these patients. Students involved in the course will be given education on dementia and care giving, expressive arts therapies, life story elicitation, etc. At the end of the course a showcase is planned for the families and patients, community and media to display the results. This initiative is planned to be ongoing, so that all regions of the Black belt may eventually be reached. Grants and other funding opportunities are being sought. Those interested in supporting the initiative financially are urged to donate by clicking the link on our home page.