“The Strong Embrace”, in memory of Lester E. Potts, Jr. on World Alzheimer’s Day

Ethelda, Danny and Lester Potts in 1968

O sickening, silent robber, how

you creep beneath my father’s brow

to steal his precious here and now

and make your night’s retreat;


To many eyes it might appear

as if you’ve robbed from one so dear

the essence of his living here,

his self-soul’s inner seat.


But those with Spirit’s eyes can see

a gift of God, most thankfully,

that breeds dear hope: serenity,

and makes our joy complete:


“The Great Physician now is here”

with healing balm (the wounds to clear)

in such abundance all those near

may feel their ills retreat.


And in the heart’s most inward place

assure themselves of God’s good Grace,

which, given through Dad’s strong embrace,

has crushed you in defeat.

Daniel C. Potts