Poetry on The Voice Library

The Voice Library is an online digital library of customized audio memories…stories, poems, songs, and other reminiscences, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, via multiple means (phone, computer, mobile device).


Cognitive Dynamics has recently partnered with The Voice Library to pilot “Let Me Be Your Memory,” an audio reminiscence project with the Tuscaloosa Magnet Middle School in Alabama as a way to promote Alzheimer’s awareness and intergenerational relationships.


Poetry and bibliotherapy (the use of literary modalities to promote healing) is an effective means of improving quality of life and promoting dignity for the cognitively-impaired.


Please click the link below to listen to recited poems of Dr. Daniel C. Potts.  Once on the site, please use the following information, and then follow the instructions to select the recording you would like to hear:

Listen by computer

Listener ID-2304


You may also listen by phone by calling the following number, toll-free: 1-888-343-2763, and using the same log in information.