Cognitive Dynamics Affiliates Collaborate on Medical Textbook Chapter

Cognitive Dynamics Founder and President Daniel C. Potts, M.D. along with Executive Arts Director Angel C. Duncan, MA-MFT, ATR and Advisory Board member Carol A. Prickett, Ph.D. , MT-BC are collaborative authors in a new textbook titled Geriatric Neurology to be published by Wiley-Blackwell in April, 2014.  The title of the authored chapter is “Expressive Art Therapies in Geriatric Neurology,” chapter 26 of the text.  Bruce Miller, M.D. and Andrea M. Cevasco, MT-BC also collaborated on the chapter.  Below is the description of the textbook on the Wiley-Blackwell website:

As society grows older, so do the neurological problems associated with aging. These can be new neurological deficits due to the aging process itself, or the effect of aging on already existing neurological conditions. Neurologists will spend increasing amounts of time managing patients with age-related neurological complications.

Geriatric Neurology brings together the wisdom of world-leading experts. They have crafted a new textbook to define this emerging subspecialty from basic science through clinical assessment and medical management to social aspects of patient care. Geriatric Neurology covers:

The aging brain in neurology
Assessment of the geriatric neurology patient
Neurological conditions in the elderly
Therapeutics for the geriatric neurology patient
Management issues beyond therapeutics
Comprehensive in scope but with practical focus for effective patient care, Geriatric Neurology provides top-of-class guidance for the management of elderly patients with neurological disorders.